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Industry: Liquor Stores
Location: New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 4,999,000
Gross Revenue: $ 3,300,000
Listing ID: 1443
Description: South Jersey Liquor Store with Broad C License. Beautiful Liquor Store 6,400 SF. CAM triple net leases covering snow, lawn, parking lot lighting, taxes & insurance. Could be 10,000 SF ...
Industry: Bar Restaurant, Pizza
Location: Atlantic County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 3,700,000
Gross Revenue: $ 2,421,000
Cash Flow: $ 734,000
Listing ID: 1423
Description: Nice year-round Bar/Restaurant/Pizza business for sale in Atlantic County, NJ. With delivery & takeout. 4,800 SF. Seats 120. Beautifully decorated. Same owner 36 years. Valuable liquor license.
Industry: Wholesale Plant Nursery, Garden Supply
Location: New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 3,500,000
Listing ID: 1454
Description: Wholesale Plant Nursery for sale in South Jersey. Sits on 18 acres, with over 50 greenhouses of varying sizes. Comes with a 4 bedroom house as well, that's on the ...
Industry: Bar Restaurant
Location: Atlantic County, NJ
Listed Price: $ 2,600,000
Gross Revenue: $ 1,218,000
Cash Flow: $ 353,000
Listing ID: 1430
Description: Very popular bar/restaurant for Sale in Atlantic County, NJ. Same owner 30 years. Restaurant has short hours, 5pm-9pm weekly and 5pm-10pm on Saturdays- Dinner Only. 5,500 SF. Seats 100 inside ...
Industry: Fast Food Restaurant, American Restaurant
Location: Ocean County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 2,100,000
Gross Revenue: $ 920,000
Cash Flow: $ 220,000
Listing ID: 1419
Description: Marina Fast Food Restaurant for Sale at SJ Shore with boat slips. Been in business 50 years. Waterfront location with 26 boat slips. Only open 7 months a year. Great ...
Industry: Wholesale Distribution
Location: New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 2,000,000
Down Payment: $ 400,000
Gross Revenue: $ 2,900,000
Cash Flow: $ 320,000
Listing ID: 1433
Description: Wholesale distribution business for sale with real estate located in NJ. Well established seasonal business that has loyal following for over 47 years. 6,000 square foot state of the art ...
Industry: Bar Restaurant, Restaurant
Location: Atlantic County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 1,500,000
Gross Revenue: $ 1,350,000
Cash Flow: $ 267,000
Listing ID: 1413
Description: Famous Bar Restaurant in Atlantic City with Apartments. Same owner 40 years. Also has 2 additional parking lots that go with it. Real Estate consist of 4 separate lots + ...
Industry: Bar/Restaurant
Location: NJ
Listed Price: $ 1,300,000
Gross Revenue: $ 881,760
Cash Flow: $ 105,800
Listing ID: 1446
Description: Bar/Restaurant for sale in South Jersey. Great Location. On intersection of a major Highway with high traffic count. Very busy property. 4,000 SF + additional building. Liquor 60%, Food 40%.New ...
Industry: Bar/Commercial Property
Location: Atlantic, NJ
Listed Price: $ 1,300,000
Listing ID: 1450
Description: Commercial Building/Bar located in Prime AC University District. Near Stockton College. Same owner 48 years. 50-person capacity. Plenary retail consumption license #33 included in sale unless Buyer does not want. ...
Industry: Bar/Restaurant, Liquor Store
Location: Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 1,200,000
Down Payment: $ 250,000
Listing ID: 1409
Description: Liquor Store/Bar/Restaurant  for sale in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. 10,000 sq ft bar/restaurant on a highly traveled road on approximately 8 acres of ground.  Valuable liquor license.  Occupancy 200.  Needs ...
Industry: Greenhouses
Location: Atlantic County, NJ
Listed Price: $ 995,000
Gross Revenue: $ 448,000
Cash Flow: $ 69,900
Listing ID: 1322
Description: 70 year old Florist with 9200 SF of Greenhouses, Ideal for recreational marijuana possibilities. Includes 3,000 SF store on major highway, with larger frontage and 4 acres - additional 6 ...
Industry: Donut Cafe
Location: New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 975,000
Cash Flow: $ 304,648
Listing ID: 1451
Description: Laundromat/Mini Strip Center with Donut Shop & Café. Boutique and two apartments upstairs for sale. In Camden County on very busy Highway. Donut/Breakfast shop open daily 6am to 3pm. Sales ...
Industry: Condo
Location: Atlantic County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 799,000
Listing ID: 1440
Description: Boardwalk frontage - bottom of Atlantic Palace. 2,100 SF with 2 parking spaces. Can use all amenities including pool at Atlantic Palace. 24 Hour Security. RE Taxes $16,000/yr. Condo fee ...
Industry: Exterminating, Pest Control
Location: New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 650,000
Down Payment: $ 200,000
Gross Revenue: $ 868,000
Cash Flow: $ 330,000
Listing ID: 1428
Description: Exterminating business for Sale in New Jersey. Well established business. Same owner 44 years. 95% of accounts are in Central & South Jersey. 60% of sales are from Corporate clients ...
Industry: Coffee Roaster
Location: South Jersey
Listed Price: $ 597,000
Down Payment: $ 150,000
Gross Revenue: $ 240,000
Cash Flow: $ 100,000
Listing ID: 1438
Description: Coffee Roaster business for sale with real estate in South Jersey. High end coffee roaster that manufactures coffee and has a unique roasting style that gives them a edge over ...
Industry: Strip Center, Commercial RE
Location: New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 499,000
Gross Revenue: $ 63,000
Cash Flow: $ 48,850
Listing ID: 1455
Description: Strip Center for sale in South Jersey. Free Standing Structure with basement approx. 5,500 SF. Strip mall with 5 stores.1. Tobacco Store 1200 SF Rent $1700/mo.2. Pizza Shop 1500 SF ...
Industry: Bar/Restaurant, Food
Location: Camden County, NJ
Listed Price: $ 495,000
Listing ID: 1449
Description: Riverpark Pub in Gloucester City. 4,000SF with C liquor license. Seats 150. All HVAC - 2yrs old. Roof is 10yrs old. 2 Bedroom Apartment upstairs for $900/month. A steal at ...
Industry: Janitorial Supplies
Location: New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 450,000
Down Payment: $ 250,000
Gross Revenue: $ 564,000
Cash Flow: $ 120,000
Listing ID: 1442
Description: Janitorial supply business for sale in South Jersey with Real Estate. This business sells a variety of paper products, cleaning products, chemicals, and all food service and restaurant supplies. There ...
Industry: Commercial Real Estate
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 444,900
Listing ID: 1441
Description: Boardwalk frontage 17 ft - bottom of Atlantic Palace. 1,500 SF with 2 parking spaces. Totally renovated. New AC and HVAC 5-ton unit 300 amp electrical. Trash removal, flood insurance, ...
Industry: Retail Pretzel Franchise
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Listed Price: $ 379,000
Gross Revenue: $ 619,530
Cash Flow: $ 150,425
Listing ID: 1452
Description: Pretzel Franchise in Philly Market, Philadelphia County, PA. Located on main highway with excellent demographics. 1600SF Building All new within one year. Great opportunity for new owner to make $150,000+ ...
Industry: Restaurant/Franchise, Mexican Food
Location: Camden, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 289,000
Gross Revenue: $ 850,000
Cash Flow: $ 129,380
Listing ID: 1447
Description: Excellent location - Very fast growing area. Mexican fast food franchise located in very fast growing area. Excellent demographics. Turnkey operation with all up to date equipment. Many large retail ...
Industry: Interior Design
Location: South Jersey
Listed Price: $ 250,000
Down Payment: $ 75,000
Gross Revenue: $ 583,000
Cash Flow: $ 155,000
Listing ID: 1439
Description: Interior Design for Sale in affluent South Jersey. 35 years in business. Upscale luxury design. Award winning designer retiring. Seller willing to stay for 3-6 months to help with transitions. ...
Industry: Daycare
Location: Gloucester County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 249,000
Listing ID: 1436
Description: Daycare for Sale in Gloucester County, NJ. With Real Estate. Centrally located on busy main street, in mixed commercial and residential area, close to highways and colleges. Borders two different ...
Industry: Commercial Property
Location: Gloucester County, NJ
Listed Price: $ 249,000
Listing ID: 1436A
Description: Commercial Property for sale with a 1500SF building in Gloucester County, NJ. Located on a busy main Highway in mixed commercial and residential area. On large .593 acre lot. Currently ...
Industry: Pretzel/Water Ice/Ice Cream, Food/Restaurant
Location: Camden County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 229,000
Gross Revenue: $ 425,000
Cash Flow: $ 97,377
Listing ID: 1453
Description: Pretzel + Water ice business for sale in Camden County. Wholesale/retail. 65% Pretzel and 20% water ice. Vendors Pick up. Wholesale route could be increased. Summer vendors go to street ...
Industry: Bakery, Coffee Shop
Location: Gloucester, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 199,999
Gross Revenue: $ 655,450
Cash Flow: $ 125,950
Listing ID: 1399
Description: Bakers Dream!  Bakery with Great Demographics. Long Term History of success, year to year continued growth. Turn key operation with all "NEW" equipment.  Getting ready to expand size of store, ...
Industry: Landscaping
Location: Atlantic County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 180,000
Gross Revenue: $ 638,000
Cash Flow: $ 180,000
Listing ID: 1425
Description: Well Established Landscaping Business for Sale in Atlantic County, NJ. Serves exclusively Downbeach area - Ventnor, Longport & Margate. Same owner 25 years. Has 350 Accounts. Equipment & trucks are ...
Industry: Commercial Real Estate
Location: Atlantic County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 180,000
Listing ID: 1432
Description: Commercial Real Estate for Sale in Pleasantville, NJ. 3,475 SF store front building completely renovated within last year. Front and Rear entrance.  On Main Street. Ideal for any type of ...
Industry: Pizza Restaurants, Italian Restaurants
Location: Camden County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 175,000
Gross Revenue: $ 480,000
Cash Flow: $ 132,000
Listing ID: 1427
Description: Pizza Shop for Sale in Camden County, NJ. Located in a nice town. 34 years in business. Easy menu. Owner Operator. Run like family business with their own delivery. Could ...
Industry: Pizza Restaurant, Pizza
Location: Gloucester County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 165,000
Gross Revenue: $ 875,000
Cash Flow: $ 137,000
Listing ID: 1388
Description: Pizzeria for sale in Gloucester County, NJ. Well established pizzeria located in busy strip center on main highway with excellent demographics. 3,150 SF business with seating for 46. Same owner ...
Industry: Liquor License
Location: Passaic County, Hawthorne, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 150,000
Listing ID: 1421
Description: C License - Consumption License. Hawthorne, NJ - Passaic County  
Industry: Food, Hoagie/Deli
Location: Gloucester, NJ
Listed Price: $ 120,000
Gross Revenue: $ 979,000
Cash Flow: $ 179,000
Listing ID: 1445
Description: Beautiful Store. Looks like a Wawa. Priced for a quick sale. 5 year lease with 5 year option. New owner can add lottery. Big sandwich/hoagie business. Nice parking lot with ...
Industry: Audio Video Installation
Location: New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 100,000
Down Payment: $ 50,000
Gross Revenue: $ 219,000
Cash Flow: $ 100,000
Listing ID: 1424
Description: Audio & Video Installation Business for Sale. Do subcontractor work for music companies. All equipment provided by the companies to do the job. Installs and services sound systems and video ...
Industry: Service, Hair Salon/Spa
Listed Price: $ 99,000
Gross Revenue: $ 1,360,000
Cash Flow: $ 123,000
Listing ID: 1404
Description: Hair Salon and Spa for sale in South Jersey. Beautiful 3600 sq foot salon and spa located in a large strip center with excellent upscale demographics. This facility has 17 ...
Industry: Hoagie Shop
Location: Bucks County, PA
Listed Price: $ 75,000
Cash Flow: $ 65,200
Listing ID: 1418A
Description: Franchise hoagie shop. Well established. Been in business 16 years. Located in newly renovated strip center. Franchise has great reputation. Same owner 14 years. Needs new blood. Owner retiring.  
Industry: Pet Grooming, Pet Supplies
Location: Gloucester County, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 70,000
Gross Revenue: $ 129,000
Cash Flow: $ 65,000
Listing ID: 1412
Description: Pet grooming business for Sale in Gloucester County, NJ.  Established for 15 years.  Short hours 8am-2pm.  No weekends.  Can extend hours to make more money.