Oil Tank Removal Business For Sale In South Jersey!
(Oil Tank Removal)
Burlington, New Jersey
Listed Price: $ 125,000
Listing ID: 1520

Listing DetailsGross Revenue: $ 262,000
Cash Flow: $ 50,000
EBITA: $ 50,000
Reason for Sale:

Owner Retiring

OperationsYear Established: 1999
Last Acquired: 1999
Days & Hours of Operation: 9-5 Monday Thru Fri 10-2 Saturday Closed Sundays and Holidays
Employees: 3
Absentee Owner: No
LocationLease Expire: 0000-00-00
Square Footage: 2000
Type of Location: Stand Alone
SummaryBusiness Description:

Oil tank Removal Business for Sale in South Jersey.  Above-ground and underground heating oil tank removal, installation and replacement, oil tank locating/sweep, contaminated soil removal, site remediation, and more. Also sells and installs oil tanks in South Jersey. Owner is retiring.